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Enjoy Global Network with Thunder VPN. Letting you enjoy a limit-free Internet no matter where you are.

Protect your privacy

Get Thunder VPN to protect your online activities on all the devices you have.

Secure your identity

Use VPN to hide your IP address, and encrypt sensitive data you send & receive.

Prevent tracking

Enable VPN to prevent companies, hackers, or bots tracking you online.

Fast Servers

Lightning-fast VPN Servers are reachable specifically for streaming or online gaming.

24/7 Live Chat Service

We’re available through instant live chat and email to help you set up and troubleshoot.

No Ads

Allows you to enjoy the Internet without any delay.


Thunder VPN offers three different subscription plans. Choose the plan that’s right for you.


200GB Store
15 Email Adresses
15 Domains
Email Support
Cpanel Ready

$ 1.00

/Per Month


200GB Store
15 Email Adresses
15 Domains
Email Support
Cpanel Ready

$ 1.00

/Per Month


200GB Store
15 Email Adresses
15 Domains
Email Support
Cpanel Ready

$ 1.00

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What is Thunder VPN? Thunder VPN a good VPN to use? How to dowload and Install Thunder VPN for Mac, PC, Windows, Chorme and IOS.

What is Thunder VPN?

There is no charge for Thunder VPN. In comparison to the competition, that’s pretty good. Customers are likely to have few complaints about customer service, questionable security, and you’re likely to be surprised by the speed you get regardless of what it claims. (When this article was written, Thunder VPN was only available for Android).

Thunder VPN Features

There are fewer features available with Thunder VPN than some paid services. But the ones available can prove worthwhile.

Free Forever

With Thunder VPN, you can connect for free. There is no requirement that you upgrade to Thunder VPN’s VIP membership if you do not want to.

Nevertheless, if you do, you will have more servers at your disposal, experience a faster connection, and avoid advertisements.

You will see ads every time you connect to or disconnect from a server if you opt for the Thunder VPN free version.

Unlimited Bandwidth

A second attractive feature of Thunder VPN is that it offers unlimited bandwidth. No limits on what you can download or how much you can access are placed on you provided as you follow the terms and conditions.

No Registration Required

Thunder VPN does not require registration once you have installed the app. It is simply a matter of selecting the server you want and pressing “Connect”. As a result, the whole process takes no more than a minute.

No-Log Policy

We’re heading into a more controversial part of this Thunder VPN review. The company asserts that there is no log policy in place. It appears in a list of features.
If you dig beneath the surface, however, you’ll see that the company does collect your personal information. Thunder VPN will track:
– IP Address
– OS Version
– App Identifier
– Times when connected to the service
– Total amount of data transferred per day
– Internet service provider (ISP)
– Choice of server location
Comparatively to other VPNs who have no logging policies, this is quite a lot.

Auto Select

If you are unfamiliar with Thunder VPN or you are confused about the server to connect to, the app can help. The Auto Select feature will recommend the most appropriate location based on where you are on the globe.

Accordingly, we will assign you the server that provides the fastest connection and a high speed.

Thunder VPN Servers and Locations

Services are offered in eight countries. The company previously provided services in nine countries, but Japan has been omitted. When you connect to a VPN, you will always see a different address since the VPN always shows a different address when connected.

Thunder VPN offers 10 servers, including three based in the United States.

You can choose from:

1. France
2. Germany
3. Luxemburg
4. Netherlands
5. United Kingdom
6. Singapore
7. United States (US East)
8. United States (US West)
9. United States (US South)
10. Canada

Thunder VPN Speed

As part of my testing of Thunder VPN for Android, I connected to several servers. The performance varied depending on where I connected.

Let’s take a look at my base connection before we analyze the speeds it produced.

Afterwards, I connected to a German server to access the web. A slight slowdown in speed was barely noticeable.

In contrast to the first test, the second one proved to be a revelation. The difference in speed was quite noticeable when connected to the Singapore server.

The last test I ran included connecting to a US East server, another remote location. It didn’t seem to affect the performance much compared to Singapore.

Generally speaking, the speed isn’t as bad as some customers have alleged in Thunder VPN reviews. However, you need to connect to an ISP that is located within close proximity to you.

A VPN’s speed is greatly slowed when connected to a distant server, but that’s true of most free VPNs as well.

A VPN might be a better option if you require a specific location.

Thunder VPN Privacy and Jurisdiction

Our next controversy relates to the company’s location.

Thunder VPN is based in Arkansas, as you can see from their website. They’re therefore subject to Five Eyes surveillance. It only specifies that the address is for payment purposes.

There are posts that indicate the company is actually based in Hong Kong if you do some research online.

It may not be correct, but some websites I trust have this information on their site.

Several sources mention Thunder VPN is based in California, not Arkansas, which contradicts the zip code Thunder VPN listed.

It is thus unclear whether Thunder VPN is safe or not. Despite what the company claims, the information presented doesn’t seem precise.

Thunder VPN Security and Protocols

A lot of information about security and protocols is lacking on the provider’s website.

The app uses the SSL encryption protocol for data transmissions. Due to the many downsides it has in comparison to what other VPN vendors use, this isn’t the industry standard.

Faster connections can be achieved with OpenVPN and IPSec/IKEv2, both of which use encrypted tunnels. SSL is also more susceptible to attacks.

As a result, I don’t believe Thunder VPN is that secure.

There are other reasons why I do not believe the app is safe as well.

Even if you lose your VPN connection, you still need to ensure that your data is protected. Therefore, you will need a kill switch, which most premium apps feature.

Sadly, Thunder VPN does not provide this level of security. When this happens, there is an even greater risk of hacking.

In the unlikely event that you lose connection to a Thunder VPN server while browsing the web or downloading something, your data will be exposed. Alternatively, someone out there may be able to discover your IP address.

Likewise, advertisements pose a threat.

Because Thunder VPN does not exist for PCs, you can only set it up on Android devices. In exchange, you must watch at least five seconds of advertisements. Connecting and disconnecting from a server on the fly is the last thing you want to do.

Thunder VPN Leak Test Results

I ran a leak test on Thunder VPN and it performed well.

During a connection to a server in Germany, I checked whether my new IP address appeared online when I checked it.

Indeed, it did.

DNS addresses and my IP address were located in Germany.

The screenshot is from my Android phone since Thunder VPN is not available for Windows.

Having a new IP show is a welcome development no matter what you plan to do with it. Keeping in mind that there are still some issues like security and protocols is still important.

Thunder VPN and Streaming Services

While traveling, you may need assistance from a VPN if you want to stream content from the internet. Thunder VPN does not exist for PC, so if you intend on using it, you are limited to using your Android device.

But what if your desired content is blocked by this app?

As part of this Thunder VPN review, I examined all options.

Here’s what’s happening:

All major streaming services are accessible through the majority of paid VPNs. Not so with free services.

Therefore, Thunder VPN isn’t the most effective way to unblock content on your mobile device. Amazon Prime Video and YouTube US are the only two services that it supports.

As well, you’ll experience a loss of speed when streaming, which depends on how fast your main connection is. Having slow internet can also cause problems such as lag and buffering.

Streaming from the above-mentioned services, however, is not subject to a VPN bandwidth cap.

How Good Is Thunder VPN for Torrenting?

In the next step, I checked Thunder VPN torrents.

Torrenting on your phone may not be as straight-forward as on a PC, but there are still ways to do it. VPNs can be useful in some cases, too, as they provide encryption.

P2P sharing clients work with Thunder VPN. But it is a matter of opinion whether it is safe to use.

Here’s the first downside: the policy on copyrighted content. If a user downloads or uploads protected content, their account will be blocked.

But there’s more. You may be exposed to your personal data when torrenting due to this shady log policy.

What do you think about Thunder VPN’s safety for torrent enthusiasts?

I wouldn’t recommend it.

When you are torrenting, using one of the legit VPNs is a better idea.

Can Thunder VPN Bypass Geoblocks?

A VPN server obfuscated with encryption can overcome even the most sophisticated censorship regime.

Thunder VPN does not operate this way.

Consequently, the app is very unlikely to be effective in countries like China, the UAE, Russia, or Turkey. Thunder VPN users are unanimous in their praise for the software.

It’s not a wise idea to use a free app when visiting a country with a strict internet policy. Some of the best VPN services out there are much better suited for you. Many of them are also mobile-friendly.

How to Install & Set Up Thunder VPN

It is mandatory that you agree to Thunder VPN’s terms of service, which also includes the application’s privacy policies.

As soon as the Terms of Service have been agreed upon, you must then provide the app with a ‘Connection Request’ as per standard procedure.

There is a connect button below a picture of an adolescent Thor representing the titular ‘Thunder’ on the VPN’s main page.

The lightning bolt in the top right corner of the main page provides access to a list of server locations.

The button turns red when connected.

You can access this sidebar menu from the button on the top left of the main page. There are several standard options available.

The app offers a limited selection of tick boxes under the question “”What are your problems?”” where you can leave feedback.

The FAQ contains only a few hypothetical questions where the user may find some help.

With Thunder VPN you can customize the notification settings by selecting ‘Notifications’ on this page.

On the ‘About Us’ page there isn’t much information about them, but the ‘Terms of Service’ page includes a link to their Privacy Policy.

Thunder VPN’s app has a simple, intuitive design that is functional and pleasant to look at.

You are greeted with an adolescent Thor in lightning-quick action when you access the server’s main page.

Although this is not the most impressive of VPNs, it does have a level of design and branding. This sets it apart from many of the more lazily produced free providers.

Despite its simplicity, the app is fairly rudimentary. You don’t have many options for customizing it or configuring it.

Automatic connections can be chosen, and notifications can be toggled, but that’s it.

The free VPN offers pop-up ads throughout, as is the case with most free VPNs. The ads run for a minimum duration before Thunder VPN offers an exit option, so it’s more annoying than usual.

I usually have to wait for approximately five seconds – which may not seem like a long time, but is quite long in reality.

Several customers have also reported that their connections have cut out randomly, or when they are sleeping.

That flaw could be mitigated with a VPN kill switch, but it isn’t currently available.

Pros and Cons


  • Free of charge
  • No bandwidth limit
  • Easily accessible
  • Runs on YouTube US and Amazon Prime Video
  • Access to UK streaming services like BBC iPlayer and All 4


  • Invasive logging policy
  • No kill switch
  • Old encryption protocol
  • Sluggish uploads and downloads
  • Servers only available in 8 countries
  • No torrents and not fast enough for torrents or gaming
  • No real customer support


We find it challenging to recommend Thunder VPN to our readers without feeling a great deal of discomfort. We do not recommend downloading the Thunder VPN app or using it. Definitely, there is a market for free VPN providers, but it’s difficult to turn a profit when you’re giving away the product. Having said that, I’m not confident that Thunder VPN focuses on internet security and safety as it should, given the nature of this environment. Likewise, their untrue claim that no logging takes place is misleading, and the data they collect is quite unnecessary.






Is Thunder VPN Secure?

As per their Google Play reviews, Thunder VPN has a large number of customers who are satisfied.
The downside to their security features is that they're outdated and their terms are vague regarding how well they protect their users.
I would say that Thunder VPN is less safe because of the invasive logging of user data compared to a number of its rivals.

Can You Be Tracked Using Thunder VPN?

Yes, yes and yes. In our explanation of Thunder VPN's workings, we explain how this provider logs and stores your information. In other words, you can be tracked.
Know exactly how they treat your privacy by reading their privacy policy.

Does Thunder VPN collect log data?

I would say yes 100 times. In an alarming and unnecessary manner.
You should read Thunder VPN's terms and privacy documentation beforehand so you know how much information is being sent.

Is Thunder VPN any good?

Having said that, I'm not confident that Thunder VPN focuses on internet security and safety as it should, given the nature of this environment.
Likewise, their untrue claim that no logging takes place is misleading, and the data they collect is quite unnecessary.

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